Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26

Ok, you’re done,”  Jim comes in quickly and I jump.
“That was too quick, something’s wrong.”
“No we’re cool sunshine, you just lost it a little, you might have fallen asleep, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the neural flooding of your system.”
“Of course not, “ he says, and leaves, to go to the other room.
Wait a minute.  What did he mean I am done?  Which one am I?  I jump up, we made these two rooms too identical dammit, now I am confused and I rush to my connecting door and open it…
And I look at me, standing there.  Staring at me in the doorway.
“Hello,” I say.
“Hello,” I say back.
“Okay,”  This is nuts.
“I know,” I say and smile.  Ha, Wittgenstein you lose. 
And Jim says holy crap from somewhere and from beyond the window I hear the faint sound of cheering. 
Holy crap indeed.

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