Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21 - Tear Out Page

--tear out page –

I wouldn’t usually give away the fact I knew something like the why – the problem we were having and an answer --  what I called the only answer but it really wasn’t -- in the “public” pages I just wrote because it probably would give me an advantage at some point but on this one I think it will be obvious to others pretty soon– after all Theo is a Nobel Prize prospect  --- once they start thinking this through, so it might actually help me now to provide the answer to everyone, and to get a jump start on a final solution.

So I am going to spend the next few hours and tomorrow if I have to confirming what I think, and what to do about it.   Because the first issue for me now is what to do about it once they implement the solution, since the solution as I figure it will effectively block me off from others, from life, for an indeterminate period.  How can I make sure I survive?

It’s ironic isn’t it?  I – as “original” Mark -- have created me –- nano Mark -- yet I and me can’t both exist as consciousness’s.  And I see “original” Mark as different enough from me, as another person, that I want to survive, and if original Mark doesn’t cie la vie…as long as it is not me.  The instinct to survive truly is unique to the organism.  The unique organism.

---end tear out page --

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